Welcome to our website - WeddingSparkles.com. We carry a beautiful selection of affordable wedding jewelry and bridal accessories. We guarantee our products for 30 days, and we ship daily via Priority Mail. Express Mail is also available. 951-760-1131 call this cell number to leave a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

PAYMENT PROBLEMS Question #1: I tried to order an item, but the SHOPPING CART BUTTON doesn't work right. It is fails to work at all, or the amount is incorrect. What should I do? Answer: Call us at 951-301-4780, so we can take the order over the phone, or email us right away with this type of problem, so we can correct the problem on our site and allow you to order. Question #2: I don't like using a credit card over the internet, but I need some jewelry right away. Answer: Call us at (951) 301-4780, and we will take the order over the phone. Or you can go to our Order Form page and print it out, and send it to us with a check or money order. Question #3: I don't want to use a credit card, but there is no rush. What other ways are there to purchase merchandise? Answer: You can go to our Order Form page, print out the form, and send it to us with a company check or money order for your payment. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. Question #4: I can't get the PayPal shopping cart to work. I receive a message that I already have an account, and my password is incorrect, or payment just didn't go through and I don't understand what the problem is. Answer: PayPal has a toll-free number, 1-888-221-1161, that you can call to resolve problems. If you are not satisfied with their answer, call us at our toll-free number, 1-877-693-3390, or (951) 894-2236, and we will try to assist you. You can also email us at weddingsparkles@earthlink.net COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT MERCHANDISE Question #5: I cannot tell if the earrings come with the necklace. They are in the picture, but do I pay extra for those? Answer: No, you don't pay extra. They are included with the necklace if they are shown anywhere in the picture. Ninety-five percent of our necklaces come with earrings without any additional charge. Question #6: I can't really tell by the picture if the color of the jewelry is right for me. What is your return policy is I don't like what I get? Answer: You have 30 days to return any merchandise to us. We include a form for your returns that you can fill out and include with your returned merchandise. Question #7: I don't understand how long the necklace is. The description says that it is 16" long with a 2" extension. Does this mean it is 18" long, or do I need to buy an extension to make it 18" long? Answer: If the description states that a necklace is 16" long with an added 2" extension, than its total length is 18", so you can adjust the length around you neck from 16" to 18". OTHER GENERAL QUESTIONS Question #9: How do I receive a refund? Is my credit card account credited for the amount or purchase? Answer: Yes, we can credit your credit card account, or send you a refund check, whichever you prefer. Enclosed with each order is a Return/Exchange Sheet for your use. Normally, you will be refunded only the amount for the item, minus the shipping charges, unless you received the item in a damaged state. We would then refund the entire order amount. Question #10: I just placed an order with you. When can I expect my item? Answer: We ship out six days a week, so if we get your order before we head to the post office and we have time to package it, it will go out that day. We know you are anxious to receive your order, and we will make every effort to hasten your shipping. If there is any problem at our end, such as, we don't have the item in stock or you want more sets than we have, we will email you and let you know when we expect more in. Our shipping includes Delivery Confirmation and full insurance. Question #11: I want to place an order, but I need to have my jewelry sent to my work address. What should I do? Answer: You can indicate on the order form where you want your order sent, which can be different from the billing address. If you want to makesure we receive this information correctly, you can also add instructions to a Comment section, which is near the end of the online transaction, that allows you to send us a personal note. Put the instructions in this section. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBERS (DAY AND EVENING) AND THE DATE YOU NEED THE ITEM, so we can service your order as efficiently as possible.
I just received my order today and wanted to thank you for your prompt return of one item and the quick return of the other. I have a daughter who is a freshman and will be needing a lot of jewelry for dances. I will be sure to use your company. Also will share your website with her friends. Thanks again!! Stacy B Sept 16, 2010

If you have any other questions or problems, be sure to email us at weddingsparkles@earthlink.net or call us at 1-877-693-3390, so we can help you resolve your issues. Caren Hanson, Owner
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