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The accessories you choose can have a huge effect on your wedding look, so itís important to choose jewelry that matches your dress, veil, and theme. For an ensemble that radiates perfection from head to toe, check out the following easy styles:


If your wedding dress is strapless, then a choker may be the perfect addition to your look. Chokers are the closest-fitting necklace style on the market, generally hanging at the throat. Worn with a strapless dress, your choker necklace will draw the eye, lengthening your appearance and creating an elegant, swan-like finish.


If your dress is simple and unornamented, then you can afford to go heavy on the jewelry. Choose a multi-layer necklace accented with white gemstones, and draw attention to your engagement ring with a decorated hand chain (the kind that loops around your wrist and middle finger). To match your heavy jewelry, wear chandelier or dangly earrings. Balance out your look by wearing your hair in simple, loose curls.


Long, dangly necklaces look fantastic with plunging necklines, drawing attention to your decolletage. For a Russian princess-esque look, choose sparkling pieces with white gemstones (ideally diamonds). For a more relaxed, retro look, choose unornamented narrow chains in gold or silver. If your wedding is outdoors and youíre aiming for a light, summery theme, then small white flowers can easily be pushed through the links of your chain.


If your wedding dress is already heavily ornamented, then simple jewelry will accent your look without overwhelming it. Think diamond stud earrings accompanied by a solitaire pendant. Avoid wearing any rings (other than your engagement ring) and keep your wrists unornamented. If your dress is accented with any stones, then choose the same stones for your jewelry. For example, if your dress has a pearl belt, then a simple pearl bracelet will go gorgeously with your ensemble.


As with heavy jewelry, tiaras work best if your dress is somewhat simple, and can be overkill if combined with too many accessories. An elegant alternative to veils, tiaras add an irresistible sparkle to your wedding look. For best results, choose a simple tiara that sits close to the head. anything too tall will detract from your hair and dress, drawing the eye to your tiara rather than your look as a whole. If youíre feeling ambitious, you can even combine your tiara with a light veil (think Kate Middletonís wedding look). If you opt to incorporate the tiara and the veil, combine your style with a simple dress and minimal jewelry.

Naomi Janelle Shaw is an online web journalist, beautician, and proud mother.